Big News

A Don't Look Pictures film



A hopeful woman shares the biggest news of her life with her narcissistic father as a last attempt to repair their dysfunctional relationship.



  • 4.29.19

    We have finished principal photography and are moving into post-production! Check back regularly for updated production stills, BTS footage, and other goodies as we finish the process.

  • 4.22.19

    The film is cast! We are excited to welcome Rebecca Rapoport-Cole, Cesar Munoz, and Joseph Covino to the project as our principal cast!

  • 4.7.19

    Three weeks out from production, and things are really coming together...


Having just had a child of my own, it’s interesting the way people respond to relationships, pregnancy, and actually having a baby. This short film explores one such relationship and response - namely, the relationship between a woman and her father.

The stereotypical presentation of this relationship is one of familial togetherness, but we wanted to explore what it could mean when family ties aren't so predictable. There are so many expectations that go hand-in-hand with bringing a child into a family - what happens when those expectations don't line up with reality?

Big News is the story of a couple who desperately want the family dynamic they've seen portrayed in pop-culture their entire lives.


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